Saturday, September 20, 2008

I love CilleyLand

Because of stuff like this and this.

In other news (cause it is all about me), the CilleyGirl joined a bowling league and our first match was this past week. We got our asses kicked, but that's okay because we got our team motto out of it: We Suck. It goes well with our team name, Woody's Peckers. Say it together with me -- Woody's Peckers: We Suck. I'm hoping to put together a graphic of Woody Woodpecker with a strategically placed bowling pin and two balls. Blue, of course. I'll post it here if I manage to swing it (no pun intended. oh, who am I kidding?)

Luckily, however, out of the six teams in our league, two others suck as well and so far even worse than we do. Updates to come!

- the CilleyGirl

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