Sunday, October 12, 2008

What have you done today to make you feel proud?

In the event you're not a TV junkie like me (or have a big butt like me), that's the theme song to The Biggest Loser. I don't watch it during the weeks but I try to catch the replay on Sunday evenings on the FLN network. During the week it makes me feel a little depressed to watch it, but I'm finding that it is much more motivating on a Sunday night. It helps to gather my oomph around me and to focus on starting the week on a good note.

So, what have I done today to make me feel proud?

Well, I cleaned up the yard, including raking leaves, when I really didn't feel like it. When it was exactly on the edge of "nah, I'll do it later in the week." When I knew that with the days ending earlier and earlier that it was highly unlikely that I would do it later in the week. Even when I was picking up the yard I was on the edge of saying "yeah, that's enough, I'll rake next weekend." Two of my least favorite chores, particularly in tandem (cause you can't see to pick up anything for all of the leaves, dammit), but I did them.

I also did big grocery shopping today. I'm tired of going what feels like every few days. Because money is tight, I've been trying to buy only what I need at that very moment and putting off the things that I need but can wait another week or so (like paper towels or stuff for breakfast next weekend). I haven't wanted to cook a lot lately. I don't know why. I haven't been eating really horribly, but there've been enough pizza and wings incidents that I know that eventually they'll add up. On my ass.

So, I made a list and then I shopped. Got four whole bags of groceries plus four 12-packs of soda, all for under $100. The only "bad" things I bought were a couple of bags of Halloween candy. I usually don't get trick or treaters, but I like to be prepared. Plus, with some candy at home it makes it easier not to eat any at work because I can have it as a treat after dinner rather than mindlessly munching (and associating it with stress eating) during the day.

Then I made dinner tonight. Baked chicken breast, rice, creamed corn, and salad. I'm still just a tad hungry but dessert tonight will be a piece of candy and a honeycrisp apple and maybe a small glass of milk. That will be perfect. Lunch is already made for tomorrow, and all I'll have to do for dinner is make a salad and reheat the rest (either leftover chicken or ravioli with meat sauce). Yay me!

And what have you done today to make you feel proud?

--the CG

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Mark said...

Yay for you Cilley! Hope all the days since this posting were great!