Friday, December 19, 2008

Random thoughts and hidden talents (aka "therapy")

It occurred to me that perhaps I should post on here before Blogger eats my blog or something for lack of activity. Gee, since the last time I posted, Michelle won Biggest Loser (yay Michelle!), I've had a birthday, and my bowling team came in second last season and is currently in first place heading into the championships this season. CilleyLand is in the grips of an arctic freeze (TM all the news channels), with more to come tomorrow.

So, since the weather wouldn't take that long to write about (there's snow, there's ice, it's cold, I'm dreading getting the electric bill since the heat has been running constantly) I thought I'd talk about some things that may not be apparent when people meet me. Or in some cases even when they've known me for a while. Or just little known facts that sound interesting at the moment I'm writing it.

Here we go.

I really enjoy the music of Shaggy. And a lot of Eminem. Go figure.

I've seen Barry Manilow live in concert at least four times.

I've also seen the Beach Boys live in concert at least six times. They used to play the Puyallup Fair every year.

I know a lot about rodeo.

I have deep and abiding attachments to several fictional characters, including Derek Blazestar, Stu Redman, Thomas Black, and Harry Dresden.

I have a thing for bunnies, transvestites, and the Muppets. Only one of those is remotely sexual. You can discuss amongst yourselves.

I am acrophobic. Deeply, deeply acrophobic. Like anything above about eight feet. I can fly commercially but the small ones are pretty dicey depending on the size of the windows and my location relative to them. Helicopters would really freak me out. Even pictures of heights on TV and the movies make me ill. Since it is a phobia, I am not getting over it so don't even try. Ever seen Vertigo? Where Jimmy Stewart is looking down and the camera zooms in and out and then the swirly thing starts? It's a lot like that. Just deal with it. I do.

I can drive a tractor. I can also pretty much take an older car apart and put it back together again so that it works.

I can bowl pretty well. Sometimes beer helps. Sometimes not.

My fastest typing speed ever was over 120 wpm. I'm still pretty fast.

I'm somewhere between an atheist and a pagan. I'm pretty sure that if there is a god, he's a she.

I love zoos. No, I don't think much about the ethicality of animals in cages, except that I do strongly believe the animals need the best zoo habitats they can get. The ones that don't really look like cages. So vote for your local zoo measures.

I believe in verbalizing my feelings. For example, I say "ow" a lot. Usually no lasting damage but I'm living in the moment. Go with it.

While I do not have a truly eidetic memory, it's close. Sometimes I think that might be because I either have a longer short-term memory buffer than most or that I have learned to move information from my short-term memory to my long-term memory more quickly than most. I think that most people don't have poor memories, they just don't actually pay attention.

People who don't pay attention really piss me off. This relates closely to people who are slow on the uptake. Those who are slow on the uptake because they're not really paying attention really piss me off.

I went to summer camp for eleven summers in a row.

Sometimes I suspect my parents didn't really want me around during the summer.

I have many fruit issues. I enjoy many fruits, but not when there is work for me involved. Biting into an apple occupies one hand until you are finished. Cutting up the apple is a lot of work. Hence, I don't eat a lot of apples even though I really like them. Mostly I just eat bananas since they only tie up one hand for less than two minutes.

Yes, fruit issues.

I got a perfect score in spelling on the Washington Pre-College Test.

I don't understand not knowing how to spell. There is one way to spell a word. Everything else is wrong.

I hate to be wrong.

I was deemed too mentally healthy for therapy after one and a half sessions. Seriously. The psychologist kicked me out. Guess when you've been clinically depressed since you were seven, you learn how to deal.

I've been clinically depressed since I was seven. I took notes.

I like my antidepressants very much, thank you.

I have long suspected that I will never been confirmed by the Senate for any sort of federal position whatsoever.

I have also long suspected that this is enough for today. Revelation is good for the soul, but a job is better for the paycheck.

the CilleyGirl

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