Saturday, July 19, 2008

Long time gone

I didn't realize it had been so long since I'd posted here. I'm typing on the dreaded laptop keyboard (or the Dread Laptop Keyboard for those Princess Bride fans) so I probably won't type much.

Not sure if I'm doing this right, but if I did then above will be a YouTube video for the song I Love You by the Climax Blues Band. It's been kind of an odd week in CilleyLand. This Friday is my 20th high school reunion. So, lots of side trips down memory lane -- for a while now. As part of the build up to the reunion, I had signed up with This week, I got not only an email from one of my two best friends from childhood (I lived elsewhere at the time, so they won't be at the reunion -- in fact, haven't heard from them in 26 years) but I also got an email from my first boyfriend, who was also my first love, who I also haven't heard from in 26 years. I always thought of this song as "our" song, and since I couldn't find it at the music store I'm putting it here.

your CilleyGirl

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Melinda said...

I remember that one! I remember it as "the one that goes 'da da da so I made you my wife.'"

When I want to find out what CDs have a certain song, I look it up by song on

That's how I found "Couldn't Get It Right" by the same band.

Of course, this is only helpful if you know the title, and if you only know a song as "the one that goes 'da da da so I made you my wife'" you're better off Googling the lyrics.