Friday, May 02, 2008

Help me, I think I'm falling....

...not in love with you, as the song says (who is that? Joni Mitchell? Carole King?), but off the wagon. I'm not feeling so great today (can't get warm and I'm stiff and achy and although I got at least ten hours of sleep last night I'm still exhausted AND my right eye was all swollen when I woke up) and I couldn't resist the croissant (but hey, a fourth of that croissant is only 75 calories), but now the chocolate cherry ganache cake and the chocolate pop-tarts are calling (in case of emergency, eat pop tart).

Help. I need help. Sending out emergency thought vibes for help to all those out there who are also trying to resist the siren call of snack foods.

This is when I need Richard Simmons to prance up to me in his stripey short shorts and bedazzled fuchsia tank top and bop me on the head with his glittery magic wand. Oh come on, you know he's got one.

Wish me luck. The truffles are chiming in now.


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