Thursday, May 01, 2008

Taking a night off

I probably shouldn't, but I am. Going to go sush and then bed early. I have worked out three times this week already (starting from Sunday), and last night, well, all I can say is "Who writes these instructions?"

Let me explain. As I mentioned previously, I signed up for the Self Challenge. This is the first week of the first month of the challenge. For me, at least. Anyhow, in the first month the goal is to do two 25-minute cardio workouts a week and three 10-minute strength training workouts a week. (I'd be done with the cardio except they start from Monday so I still need one more for this week, but now I have until Sunday to do it. So neener.)

Last night I did the first strength training workout. There is a set of eight exercises that you are supposed to do. And the instructions are not written well. For example, is the goal to do all eight exercises in ten minutes? 'Cause that ain't happening (just not physically possible). Maybe it's to do some of the exercises (dealer's choice?) for ten minutes. Okay, except the instructions for each exercise say you're supposed to do so many sets or reps of that exercise. So that doesn't work. This kind of question at 8:30 at night isn't good for me.

I decide to do all of the exercises and see how long it takes me. I end up skipping two because for one I didn't want to move a chair over to do it (I have very little room to do these as it is) and then I just couldn't figure out the instructions. Am I exaggerating? Hmm, let me give you the best example.

One exercise, called "ABC", says to hold a dumbbell up with your arms as you stand on one leg while with the other you are to trace the alphabet with the other pointed toe about six inches above the ground. There's a picture, sounds easy enough, yes? No. I'm going great until about G when I start to get really tired. Plus it's hard to trace the letters. Should I do all capitals? Cursive? Really demarcate the lines? By Z, I'm dying. And now I have to switch legs. Which I do. Cursing the person who created this little gem, I go back to the instructions because I just can't believe you're supposed to do it this way, because at the end it says to repeat. Like six times. With each leg. I'm still thinking we're on the ten minute total plan, and just doing this once with one leg is taking about five minutes.

Long story short (too late, but I gotta get to the post office), my best guess is that you are only supposed to spell out "A B C" and then switch. At least, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

And man, my ass hurts today.


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