Wednesday, April 30, 2008

She's making a list and checkin' it twice

Okay, not really. I'm making a list and crossing things off it. Yay! I love it when I can do that. In this instance, it's for work. I'm still playing ketchup from being out for a week with remote access to the office that those tortoises in the DSL commercial would envy (in other words, it was rrrrreeeaallllly sssssslllloooowwwww).

Now, however, I'm making another list, one that will be great to add things to. I'm going to keep track of all of the evil crap I wanted to eat but didn't. The idea will be that upon reaching certain goals maybe I can have something from that list. Today, so far, we've got:

  • A tasty, yummy, buttery croissant from Starbucks. (Boss brought us lattes and goodies this morning. Must've had an early meeting.)

  • A tasty, yummy bagel from Starbucks. Not entirely certain what kind it is but it does involve cheese. I love cheese. Luckily we have no cream cheese as I might lose this battle since I can smell this bagel from about ten feet away from the kitchen.

Hopefully I will have more to add to this list later today, as EOM is planning to do chocolate cake and champagne this afternoon. Evil evil evil office mate.


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