Wednesday, April 02, 2008

What did the hoop ever do to you?

As part of my job, I am frequently on county websites. Occasionally they have they oddest things on there. Like what I found today on Lane County's website:

Signs Popping Up Where They Shouldn’t

Contacts: John Petsch, Lane County Public Works, 682-6999

The slowing real estate market has caused an increase in signs in Lane County road right-of-ways. Illegally placed signs and basketball hoops put everyone in jeopardy and they’re popping up more frequently.

Lane County Public Works crews will remove illegally placed signs and basketball hoops in right-of-ways. A poorly placed sign or basketball hoop could cause a deadly traffic accident if it obstructs the view of a motorist, bicyclist, or pedestrian.

"Real estate signs, garage sale signs, estate sale signs, and other signs can create hazards on our roadways," said John Petsch, Lane County Public Works. "A large number of signs located at a major intersection can obstruct sight and creates the potential for accidents."

County road maintenance crews have been instructed to pick up any signs located in Lane County right-of-ways. Crews remove basketball hoops only after a formal complaint is made.

Please follow these guidelines when placing signs:

Signs (garage/yard/estate sales signs, political signs, real estate signs, for rent signs, items for sale or any other signs) should not be placed within Lane County road right-of-ways. In unincorporated parts of the city that means the planting area between the sidewalk and curb. In rural areas, it would be from the pavement to the fence (anywhere maintenance vehicles would drive.) Signs placed near a rural road should be placed on private property behind any utility facilities (poles, closures, etc.) or sidewalks.

Basketball hoops should be located on private property and not obstruct the vision of people on the road whether motorist, bicyclist, or pedestrian. Also, please be aware: poorly placed basketball hoops can pose a safety risk to children playing too near the road.

If you place a sign illegally, it may be removed by Lane County Public Works. You can be reunited with your sign(s) at 3040 N. Delta Highway within 30 days of removal. But, after 30 days, the sign(s) will be destroyed.

By placing the signs properly, you can avoid unnecessary expense and hassle for yourself, save taxpayer money by saving Public Works personnel from having to handle the signs, and protect your neighbors and visitors from accidents.

I like how the stated message of the article is to warn about signs, but that basketball hoops keep cropping up. Here's the public relations office drafting up this press release -- "Signs! Signs are dangerous! Think before you sink!" -- and meanwhile Tony's over in the corner going "And basketball hoops! Don't forget to add in about the hoops! For the love of god, people, someone could lose an eye!" I'm thinking somebody has a grudge. Or a story.


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Bruce said...

Lane County - Reuniting people and their truant signs the old fashioned way. Within 30 days.

I am enjoying your blog. I couldn't care less about DWTS but adore the idea of live-blogging it.