Saturday, April 05, 2008

Zoo are you - part 2

As promised, sea lion photos.

Unfortunately, not many turned out. These are through the glass, where the sea lions were underwater.

Next up, lorikeets!!

If you haven't been to the lorikeet exhibit at the Oregon Zoo, it's in an open aviary. You can purchase little cups of nectar for $1, then the lorikeets will come land on you to drink from the cups. When people have the nectar cups, the lorikeets pretty much leave the people without the nectar cups (like me) alone. I found this one guy, though....

Who was hanging out on a piece of wood, with his little foot raised. You could just hear him thinking "I'd like a drink, please... someone? Anyone? Hold out your arm and if you have a cup of nectar I'll climb on. Hello? Is this thing on?"

I visited the tigers next. Most weren't out since it was raining, plus they are working on a new "Roar" exhibit for 2009. But this tiger was willing to come out and pose for me.

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