Friday, April 04, 2008

If you were in my mind right now

You would hear the following conversation between me and the big white evil bunny in my head:

CilleyGirl: She deleted my comment. I'm really tempted to go post another one.

Big white evil bunny: You should absolutely do that. Be thorough. Make her cry.

CG: Yeah, that would be fun. But I'd regret it later. And you know how I hate to have regrets.

BWEB: Hence your current debt situation.

CG: Exactly. And what would be the point of throwing all of that in her virtual face?

BWEB: Other than it would be fun?

CG: Other than that.

BWEB: That's really all I've got. I am a big white evil bunny, after all. We're kind of limited in our range.

CG: Still, it is tempting. Maybe I should just be satisfied with posting it all on my blog.

BWEB: That does carry a certain level of evil fun with it.

CG: Besides, maybe she didn't even see the comment. Maybe he deleted it before she could.

BWEB: 'Cause truth is fluid for him.

CG: Exactly.

BWEB: He's slick.

CG: I know. I gave him the nickname. He had to know it was me.

BWEB: Even though you restrained yourself, it had a very evil vibe to it.

CG: It was the only way I was going to be able to let it go and get to sleep. Even after looking at all those pictures of him swelled up like Jerry Lewis on prednisone with his vacant dull eye.

BWEB: Eye. Heh. I applaud you with my big white evil bunny paws.

CG: Do you think all this talk of evil and how fun it is will be seen by Blog Guy?

BWEB: Probably.

CG: Do you think he'll think poorly of me?

BWEB: Possibly. But you do have that rule about never harming small children and animals.

CG: Which is why I phrased my comment so carefully. There is a small child involved here. Hobby spawn, if you will.

BWEB: She has his eye.

CG: Yes, yes she does. You know, I think I'm good with the whole Slick thing. Good riddance.

BWEB: I think so too. Let's go plot evil things against ________ instead.

CG: She needs a nickname.

BWEB: I think "Mrs. Danvers" would do quite nicely.

CG: Never read it. Did you?

BWEB: I'm a big white evil bunny. No opposable thumbs.

CG: Like that's ever stopped you.

BWEB: Still, it is a fitting nickname. Here, Google it.

CG: I see what you mean. I had been leaning more towards "Spinster McSourpuss".

BWEB: I bow my big white evil bunny ears to you in awe.

CG: Awww, you're too kind, big white evil bunny. I think Mrs. Danvers will do quite nicely. After all, she would get the reference.

BWEB: Mrs. Danvers it is. Excuse me while I go chew on her power cords for a while.

CG: Catch you later.

--the CilleyEvilBunnyGirl

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