Monday, March 31, 2008

The Gut has got it good

Monday night and it's time to Dance with the Stars LIIIIIIVVEEEE!

Up so far:

Marlee Matlin with the jive. It's impressive how good she is. Personally I think she's got an advantage not being able to hear since the music can't screw her up.

The Gut did the tango. The man tango. His best dance so far. A 21 from the judges.

Loved today's Disapproving Rabbit. You should check them out.

Back up a pound today on the weight loss front, although I have a feeling that the scale will show a drop if I weigh again tomorrow morning. Just in case, though, I administered an emergency infusion of pizza and wings. Proven to help you lose weight. So long as you're me.

Cristian of the girly name pronunciation is jiving tonight. Ooh, he's pissing off Cheryl. Yay! They're at Sea World!!!!!! With Clyde the sea lion! I love Sea World!!!

Yes, there is something wrong with me.

$20 says he pulled a groin muscle in his first move. Okay, fabulous arms, the man has fabulous arms. But he looks like such a geek doing this dance. Plus the song sucks. And he nailed a stage light with his feet. I predict he'll get a 19, 20 at the most. A 25? Huh?

On The Boy front, I sent an email this weekend as I said. And..... nothing. Nada, zip, zero, zilch. (Mr. Dovalina, Mr. Bob Dovalina) So, I'm done. I think what I need is someone I refer to as The Man, not The Boy. Or maybe The Guy, since calling anyone The Man makes me sound like a bit player in Undercover Brother. But a bit player in white vinyl go-go boots.

Mario is dancing the tango to the weirdest version of Roxanne I've ever heard. It's like when I break into song except that it's Elmer Fudd sings David Bowie ("put on your wed shoes and dance the bwues") or James Earl Jones sings Rod Stewart ("if you want my body, and you think.... I'm sexy"). I have a strong suspicion that Mario is Chris Rock's son. Looks so much like him, especially when he smiles. Hmm, they gave Mario the scores they should've given to Cristian the girly man.

Well, Monday is finally over. Long day on little sleep with a raging headache. Not sure if I'll manage to tolerate all of DwtS. I'm not finding this season's celebrities all that enjoyable.

Tomorrow is April 1st, April Fool's Day for those living under a rock. For me, it is the deadline to file exemption and special assessment applications. I feel like I've been running the office singlehandedly of late (technically I kind of was) yet not getting the benefits in trade off. All day long today I felt the need to explore our office bar. We have a large one. We are lawyers, after all.

Tonight is the night for bizarre songs. A much too slow version of Adam Ant's Goody Two Shoes. Consequently, Shannon Elizabeth's jive ain't all that. And is it just me, or can you not watch Shannon Elizabeth in anything without picturing her famous scene in American Pie? Just me? Okay.

Once Tuesday is over, the rest of the week should be relatively quiet, playing catch up from everything else I've ignored for the past ten days while prepping for tomorrow's deadline. And once April is over, it's May and time to start prepping for the big Washington deadline on July 1. Which reminds me, I need to make a note on my calendar to remember to get drugs for Ginger before July 4th. It's that or teach her how to drink until she passes out. Oh, the dilemmas ;)

And Sunday I'm going to the zooooooooo!!! Maybe I'll find some hot guy between now and then to go with me. 'Cause a guy who likes the zoo too, yum!

Adam Carolla is on next so I think I'm done for tonight. Otter smiles and seal dreams to you!

the Cilley Girl

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