Monday, March 31, 2008

Jumping out of my skin

I'm all atwitter. I'm bouncing in my chair. I'm so excited I can't stand it! There is a prime CilleyGirl event occurring this weekend and I'm going to go.

I just learned this morning that the Oregon Zoo's Gone Wild for Spring Break.

Can't head to the tropics for spring break? Come to the Oregon Zoo for a
tropical party! Get crazy with crocodiles and party with polar bears during the
fifth annual Oregon Zoo's Gone Wild Celebration March 24-April 6, 2008.

I have missed most of the activities, but check out this weekend:

Pirate Day Saturday March 29 & Saturday April 5

10:00 Meerkat Mateys: Meerkats play with a pirate ship and
explore a mermaid picture board

11:00 Dead Man’s Cove: Tide pool keeper talk

11:30 Trunkful o’ Treasure: Elephant keeper talk and elephants
receive tropical fruit treats

1:00 Pirate Pig-Out: Cougars receive a pirate feast with
papier-mâché pigs, piñatas and tropical fruit

2:30 Party With the Penguins: Penguins Play with ice

2:45 Plundering Penguins: Penguin keeper talk while the birds receive
frozen ice balls

Pirate Day Sunday March 30 & Sunday April 6

10:00 Treasure Island: Polar bears play on a snowy Treasure
Island with palm trees, a pirate ship and a treasure chest stuffed with
pineapple pieces of eight

11:30 Arrrrrrrg! Tropical Trunk Show: Rama the elephant
demonstrates tropical-themed painting

1:00 Lorikeet Luau: Lorikeets receive edible fruits and

1:30 Ocelots Ahoy! Ocelot keeper talk

2:30 Bootylicious: Elephants play pirates and receive a
cardboard pirate ship filled with treats

2:45 Plundering Penguins: Penguin keeper talk while the birds
play with ice balls

I am SOOOO tempted to play hookey on Friday just so I can see the sea otters lay siege to a plastic pirate ship and feast on a booty of shrimp. I have this thing about sea animals (well, except for sharks but that's another blog entry). I LOVE them. If I could get married at Sea World, with seals and walruses (walrii?) walking me down the aisle, I would. I can watch the otters at the zoo for hours.

Is the weekend here yet??

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