Friday, March 28, 2008

Rick 'em, rack 'em, rick 'em, ruck 'em

Get that ball and really fight!

I just love Robin Williams, don't you? I'm looking forward to his guest turn on Law & Order. Which one, I can't remember. One of them.

Friday is finally over. What a long week. It's supposed to snow again tomorrow. I'm looking forward to lazing around. Got the latest Midsomer Murders from Netflix. Got a new book waiting to be picked up at the library. Got about 30 episodes of Passport to Europe DVR'd. I'm set.

I felt like such a girl today. I finally decided to go for a spin on the Bare Minerals bandwagon. Bought a starter kit at Sephora the other day, and tried it out this morning. It's not bad. Doesn't feel much like wearing makeup at all. Maybe I could get back into the habit again.

I haven't worn makeup all that often for years. I started wearing makeup really, really early, back when I was about ten or so. I don't know what my mother was thinking. Although after a few years of wearing it, I gradually tapered off until I only wear it when I go out to a party. Which is practically never. So maybe mom had a plan, I don't know.

Part of the reason I don't wear it now is that I work with only three other people, and we rarely have clients or other visitors at the office. I'd rather sleep in 15 extra minutes than put on makeup nobody ever sees. Plus I don't have a problem with how I look unenhanced, unlike some people who can't take out the trash without lipstick and mascara.

Another part of the reason is once you've got foundation, powder, and blush, you have to do the eyes. That stuff started to irritate my contacts; eventually I stopped wearing contacts. I've never been fond about wearing eye makeup with glasses, you can barely see it so again why bother? I'm going to try contacts again in a few weeks, but I won't risk the health of my eyes so that they look really pretty for the same three people every day who don't really matter in that arena anyway.

I've also never liked lipstick. Most of it feels weird, and it gets all over everything. And I like the natural color of my lips.

Lastly, makeup is a pain to take off. I feel like I have to do it the minute I get home (right after the bra comes off -- the girls need to be free!), only to have to wash my face a second time before I go to bed.

Being a girl is a lot of work.

But maybe I'll give it a serious effort again for a while.

the CilleyGirlyGirl


Bruce said...

I stumble in here, with too cold feet after a long day and am greeted by classic Robin Williams' madness. Love it. I wonder if "Reality, What A Concept" is available on iTunes?

Cilley Girl said...

It's not, I checked :( Have you ever seen him live? That's one of my "do this before I die" things, but the last time he was in Portland I couldn't go. I can't remember why -- I think it sold out, or I was out of town when he was going to be here. I am psyched (gee, can you tell I grew up in the '80s?) to see Eddie Izzard perform this summer. He is on iTunes. But I have all of his DVDs.

Bruce said...

I've never seen him live. I wish I had. I didn't realize that he still did live shows.

S'funny. I've used his line "A little touch of madness will keep you alive, because no one in the world knows how to tax that." all over the place for the last 25 years.

I think this internet thing is shrinking the world. I really do.

Anonymous said...

I do believe 'fight' was actually a censored version of a word that begins with an 'f' and rhymes with ruck 'em.

The CilleyGirl said...

Normally yes, but not in the bit Robin Williams did on his "Reality... What a Concept" album.