Thursday, March 27, 2008

Two whole posts in one day!

Of course, it's all subject to being able to tolerate this PITA laptop keyboard. We'll see.

Good to know that my horoscope is telling me that I should be feeling run down. It's nice to have validation.

My Cougs lost to North Carolina today. We were up to 4th in the eastern regional; NC was 1st. Since I don't follow basketball, I have no idea what that means for WSU now, although it looks like we won't be going to the Final Four. Oh well, maybe they'll be in again next year and play in Portland. I might actually go see them in that case.

MSN is telling me that it'll be rainy this weekend, but KGW is telling me it'll be sunny. At least on Sunday. Why do all weathermen feel the need to make the weather sound so optimistic? Wouldn't it be great to have a depressed weatherman instead? "It's Portland. It's March. It's going to rain. Then it will rain some more. Other stations will tease you, tell you it will be sunny in just ten more days. They're lying. It's Portland. It's March. It's going to rain. Deal with it." Yep, that would be my kind of weatherman.

If is going to be dry (at least, sorta), then I'll take the pups out hiking. I walked them over to PCC tonight after work and the trilliums are blooming. The grass is still one big mud sponge, but the dogs had a blast rolling in it. Maggie took one roll in the grass, then a roll in the leaves, then a second roll in the grass. Repeat as necessary. It was great to watch them play while soaking up the last bit of the afternoon sun.

I'm thinking I'll go to Tryon Creek since trillium is now in bloom. Maybe even if it's snowing. Which apparently is now the forecast for tomorrow.

I just hope the weather clears up for the weekend after next. It's the Amity Daffodil festival and my friend Sunshine and I are going to go check it out. There's wine tasting involved. And daffodils.

I wish the ice cream fairy would show up.


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