Sunday, March 30, 2008

Now if I can remember where I parked it...

Weirdest horoscope for me today. Check this out:

You may need to keep your spaceship idle today and perform a safety
check for you and your crew, dear Scorpio. Make sure everyone on board is
completely informed of their destination. It could be that you just picked
them off the street without really telling them where they would end up. It
is important that you don't drag people into your world unwittingly. If they
voluntarily give up the controls to you, however, that is a different horoscope.

Okey dokey.

I have no idea what it means, but maybe it has to do with The Boy, plus another little thing I've been thinking about doing. On The Boy, I sent him an e-mail last night, saying I guessed that one of two things had happened. Either (1) he didn't get my last e-mail and he's wondering why he hasn't heard from me in a week, or (2) he did get my last e-mail and he's thinking about how to respond. There could be a (3), that he did get my last e-mail and I'll never hear from him again, but I've known him since I was 16 and he's really not that type of guy.

Of course, it is important that I don't drag people into my world unwittingly. I'm thinking of adopting this as a new motto. Or maybe a guideline. I conferred with Merriam-Webster and a motto is "a short expression of a guiding principle." Motto it is. I think this one will be right up there with "I'm never cruel to small children or animals." (Large children are fair game.)

I'll have to think on whether I have any other mottos.* I had planned on doing a post soon on all my dating rules. I think I have three. Mottos could be a follow-up post. As we are all about amusement here at CilleyGirl.

Well, it's a dreary, wet and cold day in Portland. Luckily I picked yesterday to get out and do my errands. I was in REI during the huge hailstorm. They have a metal roof, did you know? Sounds pretty cool during a huge hailstorm.

Checking on the CilleyGirl forecast, today as I mentioned sucks, so build a fire if you've got a fireplace, otherwise light candles and hold down the couch 'cause it's currently 35 degrees. Monday's not going to suck as much, with a high of 50 predicted and occasional sunbreaks in an otherwise cloudy day. Tuesday through Thursday may actually be decent, getting all the way up near 60 by Thursday, but this is Portland so don't count on it. By Friday we'll have occasional showers and a high of 57, meaning that Friday will be cooler but beautiful but the weekend will really suck. That's your forecast, I'm the CilleyGirl, stay good and stay dry.

The animals have already assumed their positions for the day:

Sammi will sleep on the back of the sofa. Here, though, she was just blinking from the flash going off.

Maggie will be out like a light next to me. Right now, she came back up to the den and is staring at her reflection in the china hutch. She's very cute, but not all that bright.
Ginger will want to stay outside in the cold and damp all day. It's the fur, you see.


*For the Dan Quayle folks, it's "mottoes". Merriam -Webster says both are correct. So neener.

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