Monday, March 10, 2008

Today's random thoughts

First and foremost, I do not like using laptop keyboards. I've got natural keyboards at home and at work, so on the laptop I'm always hitting the Alt or Ctrl key and the cursor moves elsewhere. Really screws up the flow.

What I'm reading:

Just finished The Witch Is Dead, the latest Abby and Ophelia mystery by Shirley Damsgaard. Next I'll be reading Victoria Laurie's latest, Demons Are a Ghoul's Best Friend.

I went through the Abby and Ophelia series in about a week and a half or so. There is a lot of reference to crystals and their properties, so now I want to read up on the topic and try it out. Usually when I get on a topic like this, I buy some books, intending to become versed in aromatherapy or herbs or whatever. Then the book arrives and I never really manage to devote much time to it. Luckily I got smart this time and checked to see if the library had anything. They do, so this weekend I'll make a trip and pick a few books up. If it does catch my interest, then I can think about buying (maybe at Powell's -- if I'm going to sink some money into crystals I should try to save on the books).

Other things:

I told my friend Sunshine about the Boy this weekend, and now I'm wondering if I didn't jinx it. I'm pretty certain I didn't (knock on wood), I think this is being driven by the case of the blues brought on on Saturday night by the beer I had. No more for me when I'm on my own. I know it's just life as to why I haven't heard back yet. But even if it's not, my concern right now is me. Everything else will take care of itself and be what it is.

Back track?:

The blues weren't helped this morning by the Monday morning weigh-in. Four-tenths of a pound back since last week's weigh-in. I figure it is one of a couple things.

1. I worked too hard last week and didn't take in enough calories.

2. I underestimated how many calories I took in last week, particularly the evenings of pizza and wings. Oh, and the beer.

3. I'm taking in too many calories in general.

4. I'm not taking in enough calories in general.

I'll see how it goes this week, and stick to 1,600 as best I can. If there is still no progress by Monday, I'll recalculate my calories and start again. I just wish that I didn't have to wait a whole week at a time to really judge if I'm doing the right thing. As a last resort, I'll go see my doctor and see what she says.

Let's hope for strength. It's the best chance we've got.

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